How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Holidays

Holidays are a time where people can have a justifiable excuse to actually buy things.

People buy gifts during Christmas, eggs during Easter, candy for Halloween, and so on. Since people are spending, it’s important for businesses to take advantage of this uptake in sales. Today we will go over some tips from our interim executives on how to effectively take advantage of seasonal holidays

Use New Promotions During the Holidays

Whether you are marketing through social media, radio, or tv; it’s important to use new ads during different holidays. You don’t want to use the same ad designs for different holidays. These seasonal themes don’t have to be super fancy. For example, if you are using email marketing to notify your customers about your Halloween flash sale, use black and orange colors in your email with some pumpkins. Something simple like that will help to grab the attention of the viewer. You can even use seasonal themes for your company logos. On your social media profile pictures, use variations of your logo depending on the holiday. For Christmas you can add a layer of snow on your logo.

Sell Seasonal Items

When you think about it, the sale of black and orange items spike astronomically during October for Halloween. To take advantage of this spike, you should tailor some of the things you sell to meet that seasonal them. If your business is in the food industry, have black and orange colored food during that time, and market these newly colored items as a “limited edition” or “for a limited time only.”

Roll Out Seasonal Ads and Items a Few Weeks in Advance

You may have noticed when watching tv, that right after Thanksgiving, most company’s have begun to show Christmas themed commercials, even though Christmas is still a month away. The same thing occurs during Halloween. Halloween ads usually are shown at the end of September. By rolling out these ads and items early on, it forces people to buy these things. The reason for this is because of human nature. The more you see something, the sooner you will start to believe in it. This is why Presidential campaigns start promoting there promises and slogans months in advance. The more often people see Christmas ads, the sooner they will be in the “Christmas mood” to buy things.

There you have it, some easy to implement tips that you can use to take advantage of seasonal holidays. You don’t have to break the bank for holidays. Just remember to promote your company in the holiday theme a few weeks in advance.

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