How to Transition Out of an Assignment

Writing a transition plan can help you leave your interim, part-time, or project-based assignment on good terms while welcoming your successor, all in a professional manner.

A transition plan documents your current roles and responsibilities in order to show your successor how to perform your job well and help you smoothly transition out of your position. Below is a guideline for documenting your transition plan.

Outline Your Standard Duties and Recurring Tasks

Include a list of your typical responsibilities. This will help your successor understand the everyday duties that they can expect to carry out in your position or help the existing leadership team understand what tasks need to be reassigned to themselves or other employees.

Consider grouping daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual duties and tasks.

Document Projects You’re Currently Working On

Your transition plan can also include your outstanding projects. For each project, include a description outlining how much progress you’ve made on the project, what the next steps are, and any important dates and deadlines. You can also include any instructions or resources related to the project that may help your successor.

List the Tasks You Plan to Complete Before You Leave

In addition to making a list of your outstanding tasks, your transition plan can also include a list of tasks you plan to complete before leaving. This can help you plan out the last few weeks of your tenure while also indicating to the existing leadership team which tasks do not need to be reassigned. Additionally, this may clue your successor in as to exactly where you left off.

Provide Useful Contacts For Your Successor

List internal and external contacts associated with each of your outstanding projects as well as people you routinely communicate with. Having a list of people to contact in a variety of situations can equip your successor with the resources they need to carry out your job successfully.

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