How Total Talent Management Gets Stuff Done

How Total Talent Management Gets Stuff Done

Total talent management is taking companies everywhere by a storm. Because it gets stuff done, organizations are able to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Modern organizations do not look like those you or your parents worked at two or three decades ago. Traditional organizational structures and hierarchies have been broken down. In its place, new ones have arisen that include workers both in and outside the organization.

This new structure adopted by companies all over today is more commonly known as Total Talent Management (TTM).

What is Total Talent Management?

TTM integrates and engages a full range of talent sources from traditional to non-traditional employees. The latter encompasses a wide variety of non-employee workers including temporary workers, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, volunteers, outsourced resources and even non-human options such as robots, drones, and cognitive computing applications.

Get stuff done

The essence of TTM is quite simply getting stuff done with talent. Whether that talent is full-time or part-time, an employee or freelancer, or even a human or robot. If you are able to get stuff done through a mix of them, your organization had adopted TTM.

The strategy of getting stuff done is a results-oriented approach. Companies that are new or in a competitive environment prioritize results. Their focus on getting results quick puts hiring and recruiting people in the backseat and they can be time-consuming and costly.

Leveraging the gig economy

TTM uses all available resources by pulling talent from in and outside the organization. Today, the gig economy is bigger than ever with platforms like Upwork, WorkMarket, and Cerius which connect companies with freelancers, contractors, and consultants.

“Our team is getting a lot done, but I’ve got to get more done,” says Kristen McAlister, President of Cerius Executives. “I can’t move fast enough. We’ve got to stay competitive and ahead of the competition. We want to make the market. Not just lead the market or be one of the big players in the market. Let me tell you, me and the internal team, we can’t always look outside of it. We’ve got to go beyond that.”

By leveraging the gig economy, companies can not only get stuff done, they can get more done. Having access to a large pool of talent means you can accomplish more tasks, goals, and projects.

Incorporating AI in total talent management

One area of talent in TTM is Artificial Intelligence (AI). You don’t see robots or drones as your co-workers yet, but you will soon as they are seeping into workplaces fast.

Pam Wasley, CEO of Cerius Executives, advises, “You’ve got to start looking out at what’s happening in AI and how to apply it to your business today, along with the gig economy and other resources you have out there.”

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