How Steve Jobs Continues to Inspire Innovation

Steve Jobs and the word “Innovation” are synonymous

Apple products have always been the epitome of innovation in technology. Big or small, they continue to bring technological changes to the digital world. From the revolutionary iPhone to eradicating the headphone jack. Apple’s stance in the world is mostly owed to one man: Steve Jobs.

The man was a marketing genius. And even now, five years after his death, Jobs continues to inspire innovation at every level. At Cerius, we remain inspired by his leadership style and dissected What Steve Jobs Taught Every CEO about Innovation on the blog not too long ago.

He made customer happiness a priority

Jobs and his apostles developed solutions to customer’s problems before they even knew they had them, and in so doing surprised and delighted them. Even today, the Apple faithful are anticipating the next new “i” device with baited breath.

How did he do it? How can you do it? Jobs had a keen sense of what could be. He imagined what it would look like, and how it would function. The combination of his concept of functionality and design elegance made Apple gadgets the epitome of “cool.”

He changed the customer experience

It’s not just about technology or improvements in products. It’s also about service. Why did Jobs open the i-Store’s? Again, he studied the customer and asked – “what else do they need”? Obviously, a place like an “i store” where a customer could go not only to see the products, but also to be able to ask questions of “i heads”, get a demonstration, touch and use the products, and even a “genius bar” where you could get help with repairs or have a “techie-talk” with an Apple genius.

All of these individual improvements collectively cemented the relationship with the customer. Bezos did the same thing – made it easy to do business with Amazon.

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