Integrating Product Leadership in Interim Management

A business’s success depends on how good their product is. Interim management takes the best of product leadership to help companies deliver goods that push sales through the roof.

Interim management can help convert small businesses into giants of success. But in order to do that, they first need to refine and develop a great product.

Understand the customer

This might be pretty obvious, but the best products are those that best meet the needs of customers. That’s why it’s very important for businesses to understand the customer, identify their pain points and find solutions that resolve them.

Stepping into the mind of the customer is the only way to find solutions that will actually work. They connect with them by holding focus group discussions, attending events where the target audience will be, or by creating similar situations and experiencing their pain first-hand.

Peter Drucker says it best, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. ” That should be the aim of good product leadership.

Product Leadership values data

Data can be invaluable. Sometimes it’s can be even more useful than what the customer says. It can highlight trends and provide insights that help managers make better-informed decisions. Data can be captured by creating metrics and measuring the customer response against them, particularly at customer contact points like purchasing the product and follow-up maintenance.

Be a visionary

One of the biggest barriers to success is people. Good interim management unites all people in the organization towards a common goal. From the CEO to the janitor, everybody working in the company should feel like they are contributing to a larger and more meaningful purpose. The vision to dream big and inspire employees to deliver is the mark of great product leadership.

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