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Cerius Executives will help you avoid costly mistakes when hiring an executive
on an interim, management consulting or full-time basis -
for your Family Owned Business.

Family owned business are very unique from other private or publicly held businesses. At Cerius Executives, we have been working with family owned businesses for over a decade. We have seen a diverse spectrum of ways a family owned businesses have taken advantage of the part-time and interim executive talent models at the top leadership level of the company – CEO and President.

How can Cerius Executives help your business?

Succession Planning

An experienced CEO or President can work side-by-side to assist with the planning and preparation process with internal succession. An Interim CEO can also give a rare opportunity to look into a crystal ball to experience and learn.


Sudden Loss of CEO

When there is a sudden loss, an Interim CEO can step in and either fill the vacancy until a longer term solution is reached or work side-by-side with the heir apparent to help ensure success in the new role.


Outside Perspective

It is lonely at the top, particularly given the dynamics of a family owned business. An experienced outside perspective who knows what it is like to be in your shoes can help set things back on track or assist with the road map of the CEO’s vision.


Let’s Discuss Your Specific Situation

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How Cerius Helps Family Owned Businesses

More Insights For Family Owned Businesses

3 Things Every Family Owned Business Should Do

When a family depends on a business for its income, their motivation is collectively high. They all have the same goals and are better able to manage the business as the leadership team knows each other and can work often well together in stressful situations.

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How Can Family Owned Businesses Incentive Non-Family Executives

Before any incentive program is put in place, I think it’s important to determine which one of the “eight-motivational” categories the executive is in. Motivational DNA or–Drives/Needs/Awards- formula will then help direct the proper incentive.

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Hiring Inexperienced Board Members

Advisory boards and board of directors act as strategy consultants to your company. Both boards advise upon higher-level decisions, but it is the board of directors who actually have the power to vote on strategic decisions and guide the top leadership, particularly the CEO.

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  • It was a very positive experience. Cerius took ample time to understand what we needed, both from an experience and talent standpoint, as well as to ensure the candidate(s) would fit with the ‘culture’ of our organization. The candidates put forth by Cerius were quite impressive. The individual we ultimately selected turned out to be perfect for the position.

  • Great job and exactly what was needed.

  • Both CFO and CIO had great backgrounds, great professional experience, very easy to work with, no hand holding, very professional and really had a goal and got it done.

  • He hit the ground running, he’s a true professional and will be missed!

  • The Cerius Interims were professional, diligent and hard-working. They were helpful in getting us through a difficult transition phase and I would happily recommend them without reservation to any company in need of accounting help.

  • Very thankful for strategic plan and holding people accountable!

  • Now I don’t have to be embarrassed when I present financial numbers to outsiders as I no longer need to make excuses for errors made in preparing financial projections.

  • The Cerius Interim immediately adapted to our organizational culture and was well received by our leadership team. He was a solid relationship builder, provided solid advice and counsel and easily transferred his exceptional human resources skills to our leadership team.

  • It was the best way to jump start our marketing activities – with the skills and experience to be productive immediately. It was low risk. We had a lot of flexibility because it was not an employee hire.

  • What we thought we would get was improved operations – but what we got was an entirely new, performance-based approach to all company activities – and the insights necessary to make substantial strategic changes.

  • “The interim was the right choice so we could make the tough change in leadership. He helped us see the harsh realities of the state of the company and he pointed us to the road of recovery until we found our permanent solution.”

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