Interim Executive Advice: Pitch It To Win It

If you’re in charge of a company, you need to have a great pitch up your sleeve. Nail your next meeting with some solid interim executive advice.

When you run a business, you invariably become a salesperson as well. Interim executive advice starts by stepping into that role.

Because the only way for your product to grow in the beginning is by telling people about it. You will find yourself often pitching what your business and idea is to your customers, investors and even employees. Make sure you have a killer pitch that has everybody as excited as you for the future of your company.

Impress with numbers

Nothing adds more credibility to your idea than numbers to back it up. If you’ve been selling for a while, showcase actual revenue and percentages of market shares. Look for numbers that differentiate you from the competition like geography, features, demographics, etc.

If you haven’t released your product or service yet, you can share figures that demonstrate the acute need you are trying to fulfill. Furthermore, get forecasted numbers based on actual data to prove the viability of your case.

Use slides or something visual

A Powerpoint presentation might feel like something from a decade ago, but its popularity is only growing. Slides are great for helping get your point across. Using text, media and charts you can demonstrate what you’re trying to convey in half the time. It also helps people who might have gotten distracted because of their phone or something else jump right back in and not feel lost.

Be sure to speak clearly and slowly, and use legible thick fonts that are clear from a distance. Share your excitement and let your passion shine through naturally. While practice is always good, be careful not to memorize it.

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