Interim Executive Advice: Your Company Needs an Operations Manual

An operations manual can bring order to an organization and drastically improve workflow. So the next time an interim executive steps in, they can hit the ground running.

An operations manual is essentially a system that can run your business. If your business is a chaos of tasks and people with no coordination at the heart of it, you’ve got a problem which an interim executive can resolve.

An operations manual is a system

The processes that run the business is the system. Describe the system upon which the business operates in a single document that is easy to circulate. No detail is too small to be left out of the operations manual. Put everything in it that goes on in your organization from morning to evening.

The operations manual encompasses every process. It should be available to each employee in the organization so that everybody understands their role. They will know what to do and when to do it. It promotes teamwork through clarity of tasks and automation of projects and activities.

 An operations manual frees the business owner and CEO

In most companies, the processes that are going on in an organization is in the business owner’s head. That makes him indispensable to the company and doesn’t let him get out of the daily grind at the office. He or she is repeatedly interrupted by employees asking for information, leaving them with little to no time to focus on the big picture. An operations manual gives freedom to both the business and its leader to work independently of each other creating a seamless workflow.

Interim Executive Advice: Operations manual creates value

By reducing error and waste, an operations manual generates more profit and higher market value for your company. The most successful companies in the world are highly organized. They have a system which eliminates mistakes and redundancy in the workplace. With that comes a boost in the company’s value through savings in labor and material.

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