How to Become an Interim Executive

Pam Wasley and Kristen McAlister share how an interim executive can transition from a successful career to helping companies in an interim role.

Kristen McAlister: “So what’s the number one comment we hear from interim executives? How do I take a long successful career and transition to becoming an interim executive? Or I love how helping companies and would love to do more of it. Coming up next, becoming a successful interim executive.”
Pam Wasley: “Well Kristen, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve started 3 companies.”
Kristen McAlister: “That’s great Pam.”
Pam Wasley: “I grew one company in the first year to 21 million.”
Kristen McAlister: “That’s fantastic!”
Pam Wasley: “I went to moon!”
Kristen McAlister: “Really?”
Pam Wasley: “Hey, I was just trying to make sure you’re paying attention.”
Kristen McAlister: “I have and I’ve read your resume and it’s fantastic Pam. You’ve had a long executive career. But as a business owner, what does that have to do with my company, my situation and how you can help me fix it. Books have been written on being a successful consultant and interim executive.”
Pam Wasley: “Yeah, didn’t we write one of those?”
Kristen McAlister: “Yes, we did. Out of curiosity, what’s the number one key piece of advice from the book you’d like to give to an interim executive that’s looking to transition?”
Pam Wasley: “Hands down, listening. Stop talking. The person across the way from you, he doesn’t want you to keep talking at him. He wants you to listen to what his issues are. He wants to know that you understand what he’s saying so that you can apply somethings out of your career to his issues.
Kristen McAlister: “And as you’re applying those, use the business owner’s language. Rather than saying why have a black belt in 6-sigma, explain how that applies to the manufacturing issues that they’re having. They’re late, the backorders, the large amounts of scrap in inventory. How does your background and the accomplishments on your resume relate and help to solve the problem at hand.”
Pam Wasley: “So the best way to sell yourself is to not sell yourself. Instead listen, understand, and keep all information about yourself relevant to what the client is saying.
Kristen McAlister: “To get our free book, 101 ways to leverage an interim executive, click the link on your screen or in the description below, and I will see you in the next video”

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