How to Market as an Interim Executive

The first step to becoming an interim executive is to obviously be hired, but to get to that point, you have to get chosen out of the hundreds of other executives.

The successful interim executive is one who is able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Companies don’t want to see the same information that you typically find in a resume. Instead, they want specifics. To showcase your skills effectively as an interim executive, follows these tips, to help you successfully market yourself.

Successful Results

Rather than talking about the responsibilities you had in previous jobs, such as what you would write in a resume, bring up statistics when it comes to your interim executive profile. Facts such as “increased revenues by 10%”, is better than stating “revenues increased significantly.” By posting your results on your profile, it helps potential companies numerically visualize what sort of benefits you can bring to the table with your past successes in this highly competitive space.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Not every company in need of an interim executive is looking for a CEO. Rather they may be looking for an executive in HR or finance. instead Due to this, it’s important that you specify which fields you are skillful in. This helps companies to narrow down their field of potential interim executive candidates.

Past work as an interim executive

Another way to help stand out from the crowd is to showcase some of your past work. Similar to the way in which you share specific statistics, publish previous presentations, speeches, or articles that you have completed. This helps companies see what forms of media you are adept at using. This also can supplement the areas in which you are an expert in, as you can share a speech on accounting, and this can prove to potential organizations you possess knowledge in that field.

Previous Companies

List what companies you have worked for in the past. By listing this information, it helps potential organizations see what industry you are familiar with. For example, if you have worked in multiple tech firms in the past, you would have a higher chance of being hired by other potential tech companies, since you know how that type of business is run. This information also helps companies know if you have the ability to lead large or small corporations.

The more specific and numbers driven information you can post on your interim executive profile, the better you can stand out from the crowd. Companies will be able to narrow down their searches to candidates with specific needs they need to be filled, and if you are able to do that, you have a higher chance of getting hired.

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