Marketing Principles for an Interim Executive

Being a successful interim executive means you need fundamental knowledge in areas of business besides your expertise like marketing.

Marketing is one fundamental aspect of a business, and it is what can make or break a business. Knowing how to effectively put your company out there is a great way to increase sales. Below are 4 tips on how to improve your companies marketing used by an interim executive.

Clear Goals

As an interim executive in marketing, you need to figure out what your goal is. What do you want to see achieved? This could range from cutting costs to improving your brand image. By setting clear goals, you can then decide what are the best steps to achieve that goal. Without goals, you run the risk of getting sidetracked.

Understand the Consumer

No matter what product you are selling, you need to know what are the needs of the customer. Without doing that, you won’t be able to fully satisfy your customers. To do this effectively, you can post a survey on your website that asks questions like, “would you recommend this product to your friends” or “what features would you like to see added.”

Just this simple survey could make a huge impact on your customers, as it shows that you care about your customers and their happiness. This can also help to give you an edge over your competitors since your product would be better suited to meet their needs.

Be Unique

You need to find a way to make your product stand out from the competition. If you don’t do this, consumers will just choose the items that cost the least, regardless of quality. You can differentiate yourself by throwing in a free gift with your product if a consumer buys it, or with every product bought, X amount will be donated to a charity. By doing something like this, consumers will feel like they are getting more than what they bargained for, which is a good feeling.

Interim executive focus on one form of media

At first, it may seem like running ads and social media pages on all of the major media sites is a good thing, but if you are not able to effectively use one form of media, you aren’t being successful. Instead, focus on the form of media that you are comfortable with, and focus all of your effort on improving your brand on that one site. By doing this, you won’t overload yourself or your team by having to handle 10 different sites. Once you feel like you have reached the limit of your growth on that form of media, go to another one and start again.

Using these 4 simple tips can help to improve your companies struggles in the marketing department. If you’re an interim executive and would like to see changes in your companies brands, use things such as surveys to better understand what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong.

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