Interim Executive Productivity Tips

Boosting productivity at the office is a mammoth task. One that only can be achieved by an interim executive with a lot of experience under their belt.

How to increase productivity is a task that has pestered managers for centuries. It’s not a matter of getting the best talent, but rather getting the most out of your talent. Using some tried and tested productivity tips, you can help your employees achieve the most they can.

Interim executive tips: Work fewer hours

This might sound contrary to what you’d expect, but working on a tighter schedule helps boost productivity. Henry Ford was one of the first management pioneers to notice that fewer work hours produced more results and introduced the 40 hour workweek we all abide by today. He decreased workdays per week from 6 to 5 and hours from 10 to 8 per day producing a significant increase in results.

According the study Calculating Loss of Productivity Due to Overtime Using Published Charts — Fact or Fiction: “Where a work schedule of 60 or more hours per week is continued longer than about two months, the cumulative effect of decreased productivity will cause a delay in the completion date beyond that which could have been realized with the same crew size on a 40-hour week.”

Interim executive tips: Get help

Don’t overburden yourself or team members with too much work under the pretext that they’re the only ones who can do it right. That’s not true. Give up control and delegate tasks to others in the office. Hire freelancers to take over temporary tasks or tap into your community.

In marketing, take advantage of users to generate content for you. According to Octoly, videos created by users are viewed 10 times more than brand-generated YouTube videos.

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