Interim Executive Tips for Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Here are some interim executive tips that have boosted numbers in customers and revenue many times over.

There are so many interim executive tips on ways to contact prospective customers these days. From among all the modern messaging apps, social media platforms and real-life networking options, email may seem like the most outdated method to get in touch. However, your email still gets flooded by emails from businesses. Even big companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple are constantly sending you promotional emails. The reason is simple: they work.

Entice people that show interest

Building a mailing list would mean standing on the street and asking passers-by to sign up on a clipboard. While you don’t need to physically stand somewhere, you still do need to apply the same strategy to people browsing your site or product. If they’re on your site, it means they’re interested. Use that to your advantage by asking them to sign up when they’re about to leave your site.

You can add a simple sign-up bar on your site or use a plugin that creates a pop-up when somebody’s mouse moves towards the close button.

Interim executive tips: use visuals

With the sign-up button, add an image or GIF of the product or service you will be offering users. Photos are more likely to grab attention and give a better representation of the value they will receive from the mailing list. You can place it in the background of the pop-up window or above the sign-up bar.

Offer more through email

One reason why retail businesses have such huge subscriber lists is that they offer exclusive discounts, updates, and deals through email. People are more enticed to opt in to a mailing list if they know the content and value they get from it is unique. Throw in a discount code once in a while or offer insider tips to subscribers of your mailing list to provide value.

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