5 Ways Reading Books Improves Interim Executive

Like all great leaders of past and present, individuals working as an interim executive can benefit from reading daily.

Pretty much every successful leader you’ve heard of is a compulsive reader. Bill Gates, one of the most busiest (and richest) men in the world, makes sure he reads one entire book every week. Considering how full his agenda is, his dedication to reading is a testament to the many benefits of reading for leaders.

People skills

Reading stories help you better relate to other people. Contrary to the stereotype that obsessive readers are anti-social, studies show that after reading a book neural connections linger for days because of how strongly one connects with characters.

Interim managers that read often are able to better connect with people in new environments. Considering how often they move between different organizations, the ability to form quick and strong relationships can be invaluable.

Interim Executive Experience

It may be pretty obvious, but reading adds to your experience. Reading books like Richard Branson’s or Steve Jobs’s biographies is like adding their experience to yours. You learn their lessons, strategies, and advice in just a couple of hours. Good interim managers use these insights to better plan and execute business strategies.


Time and time again research has demonstrated that reading is an effective stress reliever. In fact, one study discovered reading to be the most effective way to relax compared to other activities like music, walks or a cup of tea.

Interim management is a stressful job that can take its toll on leaders. Because of its volatile situation, interim managers can’t afford mistakes and need to make decisions fast. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the high-pressure stakes of their job, they take measures to relieve stress as often as possible.

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