Business Challenges

Immediate access to executive level management consultants to solve your business challenges

Cerius executives are typically available within a few days to work side by side with you and your management team to solve the most challenging business problems in Operations, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, Sales, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. We can match your requirements with an executive management consultant who has “been there, done that” and has results to prove it.

Click on any of the business challenges below to learn what Cerius executive management consultants have done for companies like yours.

Operational Inefficiencies

With our Operations and Finance consulting services even the most challenging situations can be solved. Our business management consultants and organizational change consultants bring with them hands on experience when it comes to operations consulting that can get you back on course to profitability.

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Strategic Planning

Our executive management consultants can create a concise and focused strategic plan and bring C-Level Executive abilities to execute that plan.

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New Products / Markets

Our marketing and sales executives have the specific go-to-market, product or industry expertise and experience that you need. Through their extensive industry contacts our management consultants will help you open new doors and acquire new customers.

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Our experienced Finance executives can help you achieve the best terms in a new banking relationship or help you improve your compliance reporting with your current relationship.

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Leadership Skills

Specific management consultant expertise to either fill in the gaps or help leverage your current team’s efforts including new initiatives, an M&A transaction or the future direction of your company.

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Inadequate Management Information Systems & Reporting

Operations and Finance expertise to establish or improve how work is done and being captured. Get the decision making tools you need, when you need them to run your business.

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Stagnant/Declining Revenues

Sales and marketing expertise to help address all areas that impact your revenues, including weak sales teams, poor compensation plans, lack of strong sales management, processes and accountability, weak marketing plan or programs, etc.

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Selling Your Company

Executive Management Consultants who can thoroughly and quickly assess your company to determine where the weak spots are and then to develop and execute a plan to strengthen these areas; thus increasing the value of your company to interested buyers. And because they have connections with PE Firms and Corporate Investors, they have the ability to bring interested buyers to you.

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Pre & Post-M&A

Most acquisitions fail due to poor integration.  Our M&A specialists/teams will not only be able to identify excellent acquisition targets but also be able to seamlessly work together with your team of executives to assure you of a smooth integration of these new companies into your organization.

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Vacant Executive Position

Management consultant expertise who can be on-site within days to either repair the situation or maintain business momentum while you search for the right replacement.

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Inter-Departmental Conflicts

Operations and HR expertise to remove the silos and provide the clarity and tools needed to operate as one company.

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Infrastructure For Growth

Operations, Finance and IT experts who have helped many companies through each stage of their growth can easily help you through your business’ growing pains.

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