Leadership Skills

Turn to Interim leadership when you need that extra bit of bandwidth to get things done.

Cerius provides Interim Executives in times where extra leadership is needed. Whether you are lacking bandwidth within your existing executive team or specific expertise within your organization – Cerius can quickly put the right executive into your company to fill the gap.

Limited bandwidth of owners and executive team


  • Management changes were made based on interim recommendations and support
  • Identified the need for a professional national sales manager
  • Took over QA management role then hired and trained a replacement”


  • New management performing as a team
  • ISO audit – went from 5 to 0 quality issues

Company had out grown its internal skill sets and skill levels


  • Identified executive team needs, and gaps with internal talent then filled them with outside talent to fit growth plan
  • Created internal talent identification and development program


  • Strengthened leadership team by tripling it with the right talent
  • Doubled staff size and brought in talent to fit positions based on growth plan

Limited resoruces available to execute and manage important new marketing programs


  • Analysis of new market segment and launch plan
  • Lead ranking & tracking system, customer education program and sales campaign methodology
  • Full marketing, lead generation & customer support assessment
  • Rebranding and design of all marketing collateral
  • Marketing personnel job descriptions, long term candidate screening and training
  • Complete product redesign


  • Rebranding & graphic identify for about 1/3 the cost of an outside agency
  • Converted marketing distribution program, reducing costs by more than 50%
  • Managed lead referral program that increased # of leads by 500 % over prior year
  • Accelerated the quality of marketing programs by at least two years

Needed to restructure management team


  • Created business champions giving full authority to run their departments in best interest of the company
  • Established team decision making

Turnover in sales management & sales positions


  • Restructured sales teams to closely align with territories – Assessed individuals and promoted them into better suited positions
  • Developed and implemented job descriptions for Inside Sales Manager & Sales Director

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