Interim Executive Hiring Tactics

Interim management leaders have limited time to get an organization in order so they focus first on getting the best people to get things done quickly. Here are some Interim Executive Hiring Tactics.

Hiring people is a lengthy and complicated process. One that involves a lot of time, decisions and expertise. If you make the wrong hire, it can cost your company in the long run.  A study found that 41% of companies were convinced that bad hires had cost them losses above $25,000 – whereas 25% of respondents said the cost was over $50,000.

To avoid making a decision that’ll cost your company and give you a constant headache, follow these tactics used by executives in interim management.

Interim Executive Hiring Tactics: Clear job descriptions

Understanding the full picture of the vacant position helps both the interviewer and the candidate. Clarifying all the responsibilities and skills that that position entails helps managers know what to look out for in applicants. Although skills can be taught through training and mentoring, personality traits can’t. Which is why managers should focus on hiring people that fit with the culture of the organization and have the same values.

Interim Executive Hiring Tactics: Take the interview slow

You may have a line of candidates waiting outside the door, but don’t let that put you in a rush. Take your time with each individual and start off with easy questions to put them at ease. After taking a brief introduction, let the interview flow organically and see which direction the applicant takes. With more time you can also use social cues to discern whether they’re comfortable speaking or passionate about the job.

Interim Executive Hiring Tactics: Negotiation

The art of negotiation starts with preparation. Figure out how high you can go and make a list of all the non-monetary benefits you can offer to make it a sweeter deal. Be prepared for different outcomes and have facts and figures to support the salary package you deem reasonable.

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