Signs Your Interim Executive Style Isn’t Working

If your organization isn’t doing well under interim management, it might be because of an incompatibility between corporate culture and the leader’s management style. Simply put your Interim Executive style isn’t working

You can always spot a company in trouble before it’s actually in trouble. The signs are everywhere, but more often than not, it’s in the very area that should be leading the company forward – the leader. In some interim management assignments, there can be something wrong with the leadership style.

Interim Executive who doesn’t achieve results has a style that isn’t working

Not getting the results you expect is a sign that you’re not doing something right. If you’re consistently unable to meet targets and reach your goals, then maybe it’s time to change your management style. Sometimes the biggest barrier to progress is the leader. There may be certain aspects of the way you get things done that bothers employees and impedes business development.

The best way to rectify this is to get feedback and find pain points that are disturbing the organization. Start by making small changes in your style and measuring their influence on progress towards goals. If there is a net positive effect, incorporate those changes and build upon them.

Interim management of no respect

In a healthy work environment, it is essential employees respect their boss. That doesn’t mean they should fear their boss, rather they should respect their plans and vision, and follow their directions. There’s a great episode of The Office where one of Michael Scott’s employees, Stanley, is rude to his boss. Rather than fire him or let it slide, he makes an effort to address the rudeness and settles the matter in a civilized manner.

Employees should respect the decisions of their leader and trust their judgment. If a manager finds him or herself often reminding team members they’re in charge, they might be in trouble.

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