Interim Executive Tips Backed by Research

Those in interim management can benefit from interim executive tips backed by science.

The growth of business schools is creating a goldmine of research on management practices. Several ways to optimize operations, lower costs and increasing revenue have been discovered by academicians in management sciences.

Tracking time

Tracking the time it takes you to do a certain task can significantly boost productivity. It helps you better plan your activities and eliminates pockets of wasted time. Tech entrepreneur, Keith Rabois, has championed this method in interviews.

This method is not just limited to work tasks. It can also be applied to stuff you do at home like ironing a shirt or washing the dishes. You’d be surprised to find out how little time these activities actually take, leaving you more time for your work, family or interests.

The 20-minute nap

According to studies, a 20-minute nap during the day can greatly add to productivity. It re-energizes your mind and body making you feel refreshed and ready to handle more. Big companies like Google and Pfizer have actual sleep pods in their offices for employees to curl into when they’re feeling unfocused or sleepy.

Naps have also been proven to be beneficial for your health. They reduce heart risks and lead to longer and happier lives.

Interim Executive Tips: Making plans in advance

People who make plans are more likely to meet their goals. It influences your behavior and drives you towards completing your objectives. A study where participants were asked to write about their Christmas holidays found that of those who made a plan ahead of time, 71 percent submitted the essay. Whereas, of those who didn’t create a plan, only 32 percent of participants delivered.

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