Interim Executive Tips on Delegation

Effective interim management knows which areas to give up control in. They surround themselves with good talent and delegate tasks according to their capabilities. Here are some Interim Executive tips on delegation.

Some leaders try and do everything themselves. Sure, they’re doing a good job now but for how long can that continue? Eventually, responsibilities will pile up and the business will stop growing because their leader is no longer focused on big picture stuff.

If you have people that can help you, take advantage of that and start delegating with some Interim Executive tips on delegation.

Interim Executive Tips on Delegation: Schedule

A good way to delegate is to create a schedule. Determine which employee, intern or independent contractor will perform a task and set a deadline that fits your agenda. Use an application to track everybody’s activities and keep everybody moving forward.

Furthermore, don’t waste time creating the schedule yourself. Delegate that task as well to your employees. It can be just as beneficial for them as they’ll get more control and flexibility in their own schedule, and by contributing to a core function of the organization, they will also get a vested interest in the success of the company.

Interim Executive Tips on Delegation: Stay involved

Delegation does mean giving away control but that doesn’t you can no longer be involved in the task or project. Start off by setting clear goals and expectations verbally and in written form. The latter will be a good reference point for team members later, while the former is a great way to open a discussion on any concerns and questions they might have.

Once they know what needs to be accomplished, let them work on their own pace. However, if you have the time, touch base for progress updates and offer feedback where needed. If somebody is not able to deliver what you expected don’t immediately take the task back from them. Continue working with them and offer constructive advice to help them improve.

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