Interim Management Assignments

Interim Executive Leadership, Structured As You Need It, When You Need It

Cerius Executives works extensively with client organizations to:

  • Fully assess objectives and needs
  • Identify pre-vetted talent capable of moving the dial
  • Scope assignments that will meet goals and benchmarks

All based on realistic budgets and deadlines, matched closely to how much (or how little) expertise and help the client needs.

Advisory Services: For projects that require fewer than ten (10) hours per month of high-level advice, strategic insights, board positions, and other limited but critical insight-driven services, our advisory services offer a low-risk, high-return introduction to the flexibility and benefits of on-call executive expertise.

Project-to-Perm: Also sometimes called “temp-to-perm,” this option allows an organization to work with an executive to test cultural “fit” before making a longer-term commitment while still keeping the business forging ahead.

Interim Executive Assignments: Whether a critical C-suite leadership vacancy is sudden or unexpected, temporary or permanent, expected to last days or months…Cerius can source the right talent to fill the gap and keep the ship sailing.

The only thing you have to remember is this: Whatever term you want to use – interim executive, contract executive, fractional executive, part-time executive, temporary executive, business consultant or management consultant – Cerius speaks the language of organizations and executives.

Services Our Executives Provide

  • Strategic projects, analyses, reports, consulting
  • Site visits, assessments, tours, reviews
  • Board executive and advisory placements
  • Surveys, roundtables, offsites, strategic retreats
  • Phone consultations, mentorship, and one-on-one coaching
  • More

Cerius Executive Expertise

  • CEO
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

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