Interim Management Assignments

Vetted and Pre-screened Interim Management Executives ready for Interim Executive positions, Part-Time Management, and Consulting

How the assignment is structured depends on your situation and your need.  We work with you to find the executive with the right background and expertise then structure the assignment based on how much or how little of their expertise and help you need. We focus on what needs to be accomplished and in what period of time. Our complimentary five-step Cerius client process will  quickly and painlessly get you qualified executive expertise.

Part-time - An engagement that occupies fewer than five days per week. A part-time executive role is typically one to three days per week and can last for up to a year or more. For example:

  • CEO oversees sales but is getting too busy; the result stagnate or decreasing sales. Bring in a part time sales executive for 2-3 days per week for 4-6 months, put the needed structure into place then transition to a longer term Sales Manager or someone internally that has been coached during this time for the role.
  • Marketing is failing to deliver on the brand or new leads. A part-time marketing executive can bring a new perspective and new ideas to create innovative marketing programs that will increase leads and elevate your brand again, not only in the US but also in the global marketplace.
  • Healthcare and employee legal challenges starting to take a toll on the company. A part-time HR executive can quickly put policies and processes in place that will mitigate these issues so the leadership can get back to running the company without so much turmoil.

Interim/Temporary Executive - The terms interim management and temporary executive are often used interchangeably. They refer to an engagement in which the executive is needed five days a week for a short duration. This is most common when an executive is brought in to fill a gap between the departure of one key executive and the start date of the new executive. This maintains business momentum while the company searches for a replacement, which is often 3-9 months. An interim or temporary executive can also be brought in when there is an initiative requiring hands-on expertise and management that is missing from the company, or the current executive team does not have any bandwidth left to accomplish the initiative. For example:

  • A company is rapid growth is starting to collapse your infrastructure. A company is experiencing rapid growth and the infrastructure is starting to collapse. Most of the management team that started with the company has been promoted more for tenure than for ability or expertise. While the CEO concentrates on continuing the growth, an interim President or COO can put in more flexible and scalable infrastructure so the organization can withstand the rapid growth.
  • Lacking the financial expertise to grow without taking unnecessary risks. A part-time CFO will have the right expertise to give leadership the ability to make the right decisions for the company.
  • Looking to sell the company but can’t get the price desired. An Interim President or Interim COO who has sold several companies can help identify and strengthen the weak areas thus creating more value in the company.

Consulting/Project – An executive is brought in for a specific task, often an assessment or planning. It is typically completed within a shorter time frame. This is a great option for companies to fill an expertise gap, execute a strategic plan project, or test the waters with someone new.

  • Looking to purchase a company and need another perspective regarding the right company to buy. There’s no better perspective than a contract executive with no emotions involved as well as industry-specific experience with buying and selling companies.
  • Have a feeling the company could be run more efficiently and that profits should be higher? An operations consultant can come in and quickly assess the areas of the company that could be operating more efficiently.  Many times they find low hanging fruit that brings immediate savings to the bottom line and then will work on the longer term goals of increasing your profits
  • Looking to upgrade the company’s technology but don’t know what technology to choose or how to get it installed on time and on budget. An experienced technology consultant can help select the right technology as well as get it done on time and on budget.  They also are change management agents to make sure everyone adapts and is successfully using the new technology.

Board Director/Advisor – The executive’s expertise is of great value to your company and is available as needed to provide their insights. This can be done ad-hoc or regular meetings.

  • Need to get an introduction to a person or company that can potentially increase revenues significantly but don’t have the right connections. Bringing on a board member who has those connections and can get you in the door right away to meet these people can be a game changer for your company.
  • You have a great accounting department but your company is lacking the financial strategy to mitigate its risks for future initiatives (acquisitions, opening a new plant, global expansion, etc.). A board member who has the financial expertise in the areas you are considering can guide you through those pitfalls and help you make those hard strategic decisions.
  • Company stagnating the past few years and not meeting its yearly goals. Every company goes through this stage at one time or another.  A board member from a similar, but different industry can bring a fresh perspective on a company’s strategy to get it growing again.

The only thing you have to remember is this: Whatever term you want to use – interim executive, contract executive, fractional executive, part-time executive, temporary executive, business consultant or management consultant – Cerius speaks the language.

Our network of executives includes experienced C-levels, Presidents, General Managers and Vice Presidents driving all major corporate and organizational functions. Our people typically report to the CEO or to the Board during their client engagement, no matter the title – manager, director, VP, SVP, or Chief.

Leading Key Initiatives, Leading Departments or Leading Companies
Cerius Executives provide companies like yours with the skills and experience you need to implement new initiatives, develop new strategies for growth, carry out organizational or cultural change, manage complex projects, or fill business-critical roles currently vacant.

By Title:

  • Board Member
  • Chief Executive Officer CEO / President
  • Chief Financial Officer CFO / Controller
  • Chief Technology Officer CTO
  • Chief Information Officer CIO
  • Chief Operations Officer COO
  • Chief Marketing Officer CMO
  • Chief Security Officer CSO
  • Chief Administration Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • General Manager / Managing Director
  • Vice President / Director

By Function:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Security
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources and Human Capital
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Services
  • Engineering