Interim CEO

When Using a Part-time or Interim CEO Makes Sense

What should the Board do when suddenly there is a leadership gap at the CEO level? Turn to Cerius for an Interim CEO. Finding and vetting a suitable replacement from inside or outside the company will take many months. Temporarily filling the role with another company executive, such as the CFO or COO, isn’t always the right move.
In situations listed below, more and more companies are turning to outside part-time CEOs as the preferred interim solution.

  • Leave of absence
  • Sudden departure
  • Succession planning (especially in family owned businesses)
  • Turnaround
  • Pre- or post-merger

Interim CEOs (also known as temporary executives, part-time CEOs, or super temps) have already enjoyed stellar C-level careers in which they started, grew, and sold successful businesses.
Now in their current careers these senior executives step into organizations like yours for a season to provide highly objective recommendations and lead your management team to deliver results. They are ideally suited to not just fill a leadership gap, but to actually energize the business.
Cerius provides part-time CEOs and other C-level executives for most industries, including:

  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Education / Non Profits
  • Financial / Insurance Services
  • Government Contractor
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Medical
  • Manufacturing / Industrial / Infrastructure
  • Technology & Communications
  • Services
  • Utilities / Energy

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