Human Resources

World-Class HR Guidance and Processes from Cerius Part Time HR Executives and Part Time HR Consultants

Many of the companies you see along the road during your commute to work every day have workforce strategies and human capital initiatives that are being driven by part-time HR executives. That’s right. Countless companies like yours, eager to ascend to the next level, are using a  part-time, contract executive rather than a full-time employee to lead their Human Resources department, or a key HR initiative. Why?

The practice of using a contract executive in the role of a part-time HR executive, or a temporary HR executive, or an interim HR executive has become a popular option. Even in companies that outsource much of the day-to-day HR duties to a third-party company, the CEO wants a senior-level HR executive on the team even if only for a few days a week.

By engaging a part-time executive to head the HR function the CEO can afford to have the talent and experience on board today preparing for where the company needs to be in 3-5 years. Some simple math makes the point clear. A vice president of HR, or a Chief People Officer can require a salary of $110,000 to $400,000 depending on industry, location, and size of company. A $20M company looking to be a $50M company within a few years needs a C- level HR person, but not every day. So retaining a part-time HR executive — with experience in $50M+ companies — to work a few days a week at a fraction of the total cost of a full-time executive makes sense all around.

Part time HR consultants are also retained by large companies to drive critical initiatives for which the required bandwidth and skills are lacking in the company. These temporary assignments enable the company to get the job done expertly without adding to their staffing overhead. Case Study.

A Partial list of HR Initiatives and Responsibilities Expertly Handled by Cerius Contract Executives:

  • Translate the strategic and tactical business plans into HR strategic and operational plans
  • Develop staffing strategies and implementation plans and programs to identify talent within and outside the corporation
  • Develop progressive and proactive compensation and benefits programs to provide motivation, incentives and rewards for effective performance
  • Develop requirements for HR technology platforms and tools; guide the implementation of technology tools throughout the HR department.
  • Develop human resource planning models to identify competency, knowledge and talent gaps and develop specific programs for the filling of the gaps
  • Continually assess the competitiveness of all programs and practices against the relevant comparable companies, industries and markets
  • Develop appropriate policies and programs for effective management of the talent resources of the corporation
  • Develop policies and practices that are compliant to all government regulations pertaining to employees.

Through the Cerius network of thousands of contract executives we provide the ideal executive to lead your HR department or an HR initiative, with less risk than a full time hire and less cost than a Big 4 consulting firm.
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