Interim manager Advice for Designing Products

Designing a product is not just a creative process. It involves market data, knowing consumer preferences and branding – things interim managers know inside out.

One of the most important aspects of a product is its design. Companies do realize that and spend a lot of time and money perfecting it, but its priority is always second to functionality. Which means when a deadline is approaching, design will be that last hurried task. That’s the wrong way to do it.

If you want your product to go flying off the shelves, you need to focus on design from day one. Best said in the immortal words of Steve Jobs: Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Interim manager design tips: Take a walk

Getting engrossed in a single task can make your perspective warped and inspiration limited to your workspace. Taking a walk outside can be really inspiring for both the designer and manager. You’ll find inspiration in nature, billboards, McDonalds, street signs and more. It really helps to get out of your surroundings and get fresh ideas to incorporate into your project.

Interim manager design tips: Focus on feelings

When designing a product, focus on how you want people to feel when they see and use your product. Do they want to feel fun? Add colors. Do they want sophistication? Keep it minimalistic. Do they want to feel cold? Make it blue.

Design has the power to stir up feelings. So use colors, layouts and themes to attract customers with the right feeling.

Interim manager design tips: Less is more

Don’t clutter your product with too much design. Try to use as few elements as possible so that it is easy for customers to focus on what’s important. Use more negative space around the product name and tagline to draw a person’s eyes from far away, and find creative ways to give all the information customers need without crowding up the product’s surface and packaging.

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