Finding the Right Interim Manager

When looking for the right interim manager, find someone who can bring everyone together and whose leadership style works with your employees.

There are a multitude of personalities in any workplace ranging from people who are introverted to some who are extroverted. Regardless, it is a manager’s job to bring everyone together to get things done. Thus it’s important to find managers whose style of leadership, that best works with your employees.

When looking for the right interim manager, follow these two tips can aid in your search.

Set Clear Goals to find a Potential Interim Manager

Figure out what you expect from the vacant position. This helps to determine which specific skills and areas of expertise are required to meet your expectations. Look at past managers and see who worked out and who didn’t.

By doing that, you can find out what type of personality you need from a leader and what leadership style is required to mesh well with the rest of your employees. Doing these things can help to narrow down your list of candidates, which will make it easier to choose your next interim manager.

Ask the Right Questions

The interviews you have with your shortlisted candidates is what ultimately decides who is the best fit for your company, so asking the right questions is paramount. Before this, set the right mood with the interviewee. Your goal is to calm them by “emitting” positive vibes. Doing this will help the interviewee to get more comfortable, and thus it will help to reveal their true personality.

With the right mood, you can start to ask questions such as what are the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, you need to ask questions that help you determine what the candidate’s motivations and interests are. You can do this by asking rhetorical or implied questions. Since there are no right answers for these types of questions, you should be getting responses that represent their persona.

It’s just like when families look for the right car that fits their specific needs, organizations need to find the right interim manager that fits their needs. Specifically, they need to find someone whose leadership style fits well with their employees’ personalities.

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