How To Be a Better Interim Manager

Interim managers might be born leaders, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve.

According to some experts, leadership is something you’re born with – meaning, leaders are born, not made. Whether or not that’s true, people who are in management positions can become better leaders by adopting good habits and a productive lifestyle.

Interim managers like their peers have the capacity to improve. Following in the footsteps of great leaders in the field is sure to help them maximize their potential.

Interim managers that have integrity

Employees look up to their boss as an example of how to get things done. If the person in charge is dishonest and unethical in their work, many employees will straight up leave. Nobody wants to work in an environment where they can’t trust their leader.

An atmosphere of mistrust breeds suspicion and a “fend-for-yourself” attitude that brings out the worst in people. By continuing to work this way, leaders are setting the foundation for a corrupt and unstable organization where nobody is happy.

Interim managers that are persuasive

Being persuasive is the trademark of all successful leaders. They are able to motivate and encourage others in delivering the results they want. A good way of achieving that is through sharing the benefits the team will receive from performing well or completing a certain task. Compelling leaders that know how to get what they need from their peers are bound to accomplish more.

Interim managers that criticize in private

People don’t like to be scolded in public. It can be quite demotivating and a real hit to morale in the office. Leaders also lose the respect of their colleagues, as well as, their credibility. Therefore, managers should discuss their concerns about poor performance in private with the employee.

A good approach to talking about mistakes is to begin the conversation with things that the team member does well. First, compliment them on the tasks they perform well before leading the discussion towards what you really want to talk about.

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