3 Types of Skills Every Interim Manager Should Have

3 Types of Skills Every Interim Manager Should Have

An interim manager can’t succeed in meeting organizational goals without these technical, conceptual and interpersonal skills.

“A manager is not a person who can do the work better than his men; he is a person who can get his men to do the work better than he can.”

– Frederick Smith, founder and CEO of FedEx.

No interim manager can lead an organization towards its goals without possessing a few essential managerial skills. They are skills that assist them in decision making and in leading employees. Of the many skills required, Management experts Robert Katz has classified them into three types: technical, conceptual and interpersonal.

Interim manager skills: Technical

Those how-to skills that help you get the job done are your management technical skills. Without them, managers can’t fulfill their job responsibilities nor effectively manage team members. They are gained through training, qualifications, and experience on the job.

Employees expect their manager to have skills that supersede theirs. If for example you’re a manager in a tech company, although you’re not required to do any programming, you still need to know it in order to give support and solve problems.

Interim manager skills: Conceptual

Managers that can analyze and evaluate situations to create a solution have strong conceptual skills. They strategize how to solve problems or meet goals with plans and resources. By breaking down the problem into smaller pieces they can come up with many solutions that resolve each step of the issue.

Interim manager skills: Interpersonal

The ability to quickly get along with people is a valuable skill. Some are born with it, while others work hard at it. Since the job of an interim manager entails working with people, having human skills are very important for communication and increasing motivation.

Leaders with good interpersonal skills create an environment of trust and high morale that leads to increased productivity.

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