Interim Manager Tips for Success

Interim managers are unique in what they do. Ordinary management models of success do not apply to them because unlike other managers, their environment is unstable, temporary and highly challenging.

If interim managers want to succeed, they need to have experience, stay away from politics and adapt.

More experience, the better the interim manager

Companies hire interim managers because of what they’ve done, not because of their potential. A proven track record of problem-solving and leading through change is gold for businesses stuck in similar situations.

Having been through the same issues before, interim managers make good leaders. They know what to do, and how to do it efficiently. As a result, companies don’t lose time and are able to instead turn up revenues in times of predicted loss.

Interim managers say no to politics

Corporate politics is something interim managers should not and do not engage in. They are objective in their work and do not take sides on any matter that is political. Their unbiased approach allows them to be neutral and make decisions in the best interest of the company. A large factor of success in interim managers is their ability to stay away from office politics.

Interim managers that fit well

Implementing change largely depends on the people being affected. If they are not on-board, businesses can have a tough time pushing new ideas and programmes. Successful interim managers are able to adapt to new environments and push change through strong engagement skills.

Interim managers leave sustainable change

The mark of a good interim manager is leaving change that doesn’t revert back once they leave the company. The ensure that the change is accepted in all corners of the business and that there is support from top to bottom. By making sure that there are knowledge and skills in the company to support the change, it will be sustained beyond the departure of the interim manager.

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