The Importance of Interim Managers Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Interim managers can only help others if they first help themselves. Leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balance between work and home can increase productivity and lead to better business decisions.

There has been a lot of research delving into the importance of leaders with healthy habits both in their personal life and at work. Simple things like exercise and meditation can have a huge impact on improving the effectiveness of an interim manager. They will be ready to handle any challenge that comes their way and provide the best solutions that lead to sustainable results.

Interim Managers that eat healthily

Food goes a long way in fueling energy and increased productivity. The healthier your diet, the more you are able to accomplish and the better you are at decision making. It has also been linked to lower rates of depression and a boost in your overall mood.

A surprising benefit is time management. Eating all your meals at fixed times helps you better schedule and plan your day. Even making the effort to have a full breakfast helps you wake up early and get ready in time for the office keeping you relaxed and calm before a day of work. Mealtimes also give leaders space to reflect and mull over business decisions.

Interim Managers that sleep well

A study published in the Harvard Business Review links the number of hours you sleep with the quality of leadership. Authors van Dam and van der Helm wrote, “Such sleep deficiencies can undermine important forms of leadership behavior and eventually hurt financial performance.”

Sleeping the recommended seven to nine hours per night improves performance in key executive functions. Problem-solving, planning, decision-making, and cognitive reasoning are all affected by the amount of sleep a leader gets.

It might seem tempting to sleep less to accomplish more work. But when the quality of that work is poor, it makes little sense to sacrifice your sleep.

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