How Interim Managers Perfect Elevator Pitches

Interim managers help both young and old businesses. No matter which stage they’re at, they need a stellar business pitch.

Every successful business owner has a superb elevator pitch. In less than 30 seconds they know what to say to grab the attention and interest of investors and customers. The best pitches are so exciting that it infects the person listening and gets them just as excited as the entrepreneur behind the idea. Interim managers are well versed with the ingredients of a great pitch.

The stereotype portrays ultra-geniuses that can sell anything (like a pen in the Wolf of Wall Street). While the general impression makes it seem like the best elevator pitches are something only a lucky few can master, that is completely wrong. Anyone can craft a great one that’s bound to convert anybody who listens to become a follower of your brand and journey.

Interim managers use numbers

Facts and figures that back up your idea make your product one that has real potential, reliability, and sustainability. Suppose you’re promoting a sleep tracking app, starting off your pitch with a fact like did you know that every year the country loses $63 million in lost productivity from inadequate sleep will grab attention.

Furthermore, use quantitative measures to track results and then share those numbers. People are hesitant about trying new products, convince them that this is a product worth investing in by sharing actual outcomes.

They are concise

People have a very short attention span. To keep people interested, keep your pitch short and concise. Focus on what’s important and that will resonate with the audience. Share information that will be useful to the people you’re talking to. It can be tempting to list all the amazing features you offer – don’t. That will only confuse and distract the person you’re talking to. Stay focused and concise in your words.

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