Is fear keeping you from bouncing back? – Part 2

A good friend sent me to speak to a CEO earlier past year who watched his revenues go down because he was afraid to take action, fearing that if he invested in a declining situation it would only make his situation worse. His management team, lacking experience in recession strategies agreed with him, thus they sat back and watched as revenues continued to shrink. He finally called me back in and said that he could no longer stand to watch his company wither away. We identified the right part time Interim Executive to help initiate the processes needed to transform the company and to lead the execution of the plan.


What can be learned? Don’t let fear destroy your company. Be one of the success stories today of business leaders taking action to move their companies forward and continue their growth even through these tough times. Have patience and clear goals, continue to spend in those areas where there is the greatest potential for growth, keep your name out in the marketplace, continue to provide quality products and services to your customers and if you do not have the experience you need on your executive team, hire an Interim Executive who has the experience to mitigate risk and move your company forward on the path to growth.

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