Marketing in 2018 – Cerius Business Today

Today Pam and Kristen talk about how Cerius uses digital marketing in 2018 and their internal marketing innovations lab to create more qualified traffic to their websites.

Later in the podcast, Kristen speaks with Gresham Harkless and Raj Prasad about trends in marketing in 2018, and how CEO’s can find the best marketing talent and how they can be kept accountable.

Kristen shares the turning point for Cerius Executive’s marketing strategy:

I’ll never forget the turning point with us in our website was going from being the prettiest brochure that ever existed about interim executives to having called actions. To being a conversion, we had people filling out forms, we had people staying on there longer, we had people viewing more pages, our bounce rates went down. We went from being a brochure, as something to read to something that actually engaged visitors. That’s a tough thing to do when we’re… so many business owners, we spend all this money on the website and the tech design, the pretty design and the tech behind it but not the marketing strategy of it.

Pam tells us how driving the right traffic makes an impact:

Yep, its amazing what you will see happen when you’re driving the right traffic. Because when we first started this whole thing, we had all sorts of people and they were just not qualified leads. So, our sales people started to complain. Well you know you had to get to the point, you had to get to the point in marketing where you really were driving the right people. And that takes a little bit of time. That takes trial and error. But again, if you don’t do marketing at all, you can’t do the trial and error and find the right customers to drive to your site.

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