Marketing in 2018

New year, new trends. Marketing in 2018 will be bigger and more diverse than ever.

To stay relevant and ahead of the curve, businesses need to be aware of where the market is moving and who their customers are. Where to find them? How to connect with them? What brings them back?

Co-founders of Cerius Interim Executives, Pam Wasley and Kristen McAlister, discussed how important marketing is for a business and how to capitalize on certain marketing strategies to draw a crowd through marketing in 2018.

Marketing in 2018: Treat your website as a marketing tool

The turning point for Cerius was when they turned their website from being the prettiest brochure about interim executives to a platform of call to actions and conversions.

“We went from being a brochure, as something to read, to something that actually engaged visitors,” says Kristen. “That’s a tough thing to do when so many business owners spend all this money on the website and the pretty tech design, but not the marketing strategy of it.”

Marketing in 2018: Have a mobile-friendly website

One-third of visitors to Cerius’ website are visiting from mobile devices searching for information. If the website isn’t mobile-friendly and the user can’t view the information they’re looking for, they’ll just leave the site. Not having a mobile-friendly website, is like having a vacuum suck away a percentage of your visitors.

Marketing in 2018: Drive the right traffic

Getting the right traffic is part science, part art. It takes trial and error, coupled with time and patience. It’s amazing when leads and potential customers start pouring in once you’ve funneled the right traffic your way.

“When we first started this whole thing [investing in marketing], we had all sorts of people, and they were just not qualified leads,” says Pam. “So, our [team] started to complain. We eventually got to the point in marketing where you really were driving the right people. That takes a little bit of time.” When the right traffic to your site isn’t the right mix, both the company and its site visitors end up frustrated.

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