Company Size & Timeframe

  • $40 million in size
  • 6 months, transitioned to full-time role


  • Achieved 34% increase in annual donations
  • Reduced dependency on public broadcasters by 23%
  • Reduced outsourced marketing costs by 60% for same amount of services
  • Significantly increased calls per week in call centers

Company Profile & Position

  • Large non-profit
  • Chief Executive Officer
Results non-profit


  • Non-profit, but operating more like a for-profit
  • Concerned about business sustainability
  • Struggling to find right person to lead the organization; already had a hit and miss
  • Board knew there were issues, but unsure where


  • Reviewed budgets, reduced unnecessary expenditures
  • Changed management practices; gave department heads more responsibility
  • Evolved company culture away from operating in a vacuum to being part of the bigger picture
  • Revised software management
  • Launched new mobile application
  • Opened new off-site call center
  • Increased sales and marketing staff; decreased operational staff

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote


Hard to believe he was able to transition in so quickly and well. Saying the business has stabilized is an understatement.”