Company Size & Timeframe

  • $200 million in revenue
  • 170 employees
  • 3 days/week, 13 months


  • Strengthened leadership team by tripling it with the right talent
  • Successfully opened new distribution channels with experienced talent
  • Doubled staff size and brought in talent to fit positions based on growth plan
  • Enabled owner to work on company strategy rather than day-to-day activities
  • Owner gained support to set aside personal associations and make the best decisions for the company’s future

Company Profile & Position

  • Interim Director of Human Resources


  • Rapid growth – from 25 to 75 employees in one year
  • Sought to expand distribution channels
  • Wanted to establish processes and procedures for employees
  • Company had outgrown its internal skill sets and skill levels
  • Needed to determine necessary infrastructure, talent and advancement strategies
  • Minimal experience with new distribution channel; 3 locations already in progress


  • Established effective succession planning
  • Created HR processes and procedures to support accountability
  • Hired and trained senior HR professional to replace interim
  • Identified executive team needs and gaps with internal talent, then filled gaps with outside talent to fit growth plan
  • Created internal talent identification and development program

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote


Integrated talent management is one that “integrates the business strategy, the human resources strategy, talent management processes and the organizational culture.