Online Discovery Tool Enables Organizations of All Sizes to Identify Vetted, Hands-On Interim Executives to Meet Business Goals

Cerius Executives Launches CVMatch™ 


IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2015 – Cerius Executives, a national provider of contract executives for part-time, interim, and consulting engagements, today launched CVMatch™, a new online discovery tool that enables organizations to search for a highly qualified executive vetted through the Cerius Verified (CV) process to achieve specific business goals.

Using Cerius’ proprietary CVMatch available at, chief executives and human resources executives are quickly presented with a short list of highly qualified executives that meet their needs. They can immediately view executive profiles with their experiences and qualifications. There is no need to wait on someone to get started; all that is needed is the business challenge that keeps the CEO awake at night.

“CVMatch uniquely addresses how CEOs want to search for executives to meet their specific business challenge,” commented Pamela Wasley, Chief Executive Officer at Cerius Executives. “We vet information beyond the typical LinkedIn profile, resume or executive search database to ensure the executives in CVMatch are experts in their field who have ‘been there and done that’ and are able to be productive right away to deliver immediate and impactful results, thus saving time and money for each company.”

Cerius strikes a balance between technology and high touch, hands-on service. At any time in the process, a user can connect with a Cerius Executive Talent Advisor to help refine the search, review more detailed information about each candidate, and schedule phone screenings and interviews.

“Digital platforms have gotten increasing attention in the industry over the past years–to some extent as external threats,” said Andrew Karpie, Principal at The Research Platform, former SIA Research Analyst, and consultant focusing on online staffing, the human cloud and other areas of staffing technology.  “However the reality has been that staffing firms can harness digital platforms and create innovative staffing processes, such as expert sourcing/vetting, context-based, high-touch client and candidate support, with the power of digital platforms that offer an optimal degree of self-service, heightened process efficiency, analytics and more.  Such ‘hybrid staffing models’ are the future of staffing, and Cerius is stepping out as a real leader in this direction.”

Information about how Cerius Executives have successfully helped small, startup ventures to Fortune 100, multi-national organizations transform operations, fill gaps and move the company forward, can be found at Cerius Executives Client Results.

About Cerius Executives

As one of the largest North American providers of contract executives for part-time, temporary, interim and consulting assignments, Cerius has a network of thousands of executives from Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. These executives are available to step into companies on short notice to fill a sudden gap in leadership, to run a key initiative, or to provide specialized skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time. Cerius serves clients of all sizes from virtually every industry. Cerius is headquartered in Irvine, California., (949) 867-7119.

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