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In this episode, we are joined by Kristen McAlister, President/COO, and Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer, at Cerius Executives, and ask them what things they consider a consultant/ contract-based interim executive would need to know to be successful as an executive that is no longer part of an organization full time.

A few excerpts from Kristen’s discussion include:

“There’s a big difference from when you’re going, from when you’ve had a very successful career as a long-term, full-time employee inside of an organization, to being someone who has more of a characteristic for you parachuting into an organization for a shorter, medium term time and you’ve got specific objectives to do. It’s far more focused as one person thinks of making that transition as one, you’re always out there marketing, you’re always doing business development. Because you need to find a situation. One of the best ways to find a situation is you no longer have a title; you’re no longer AVP of sales. You’re a problems solver. So start looking at your history and in your communications, in your conversation be clear on here’s the type of problems I solve. And the third thing is making yourself memorable. Nothing does that better than numbers. You want someone to be able to meet you today and tomorrow and still remember the types of situations you have solved and what kind of impact you had on them.”

Matt also shared some great advice for a new interim executive:

“One of the things that I always tell new interim executives is that the most productive and the best interims are those that use Cerius as only one of the resources. That they constantly need to work at their business… you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to market yourself. You’ve got to go after friends, family, you go after past acquaintances, you go after past assignments, you talk to everybody that you know about taking an assignment. And don’t necessarily think about an assignment as you know a 6-month assignment or a 9-month assignment which is usually what we provide, but go after a week assignment, a day assignment.”

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