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This episode discusses how interim executives can help identify signs of hitting the experience ceiling in a business startup before it happens, and help the CEO of a company go through the situation.

We are joined by Kristen McAlister, President/COO, and Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer, at Cerius Executives.

A few excerpts from Kristen’s discussion on a CEO in a business startup include:

“The CEO knows where he or she wants to take the business startup in the next couple of years. They know the strengths and the expertise of the employees. And can identify those gaps before they actually become gaps. As we know that’s not the case in most situations.”

Matt also shared some great advice for CEOs in a business startup:

“With a lot of planning, really good, really experienced CEO’s can see the experience ceiling coming. But I also think a lot of CEO’s are so involved in a business startup that they too get caught right at the cliff and go “Oh my gosh, now what do I do? Because the team I have, or some of the team I have, can’t carry the weight.” So that’s where we come in. “

“We bring that expertise immediately so that they don’t have to skip a beat. They continue going forward and they can make those really tough people-decisions in a timely fashion, as opposed to having to try to run out and hire somebody on a full-time basis to help them fill in the gaps. While they’re in the middle of a firefight, while they’re in the middle of trying to move this company forward, everybody is working as hard as they can. They don’t have anybody else who can jump in and do that… Cerius can bring a seasoned C-level executive in in a matter of days so that you really don’t lose the momentum that you had. And I think that’s one of the the many things that we bring to the table that makes us better than the rest.”

Cerius About Helping Companies Avoid Painful Lessons Learned


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