How Management Consultants can Market Themselves


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This episode discusses how management consultants can market themselves.


Most executives have achieved some amazing feats in their careers which can be hard to translate on paper without it appearing fake and exaggerated. We are joined by Kristen McAlister, President/COO, and Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer, at Cerius Executives, both of whom gave us some excellent advice on how to position yourself and bring a level of authenticity in marketing yourself.

A few excerpts from Kristen’ perspective on management consultants include:

“Bringing in interim executive management consultants is very different than hiring for a full-time executive. For a full-time executive, if you were to put down on paper that you have had incredible, amazing results in these five different areas it might be a little more than attractive to me. And I am certainly going to follow up to verify that it’s accurate, but we are looking at in interim or management consulting. It’s going to be less believable, and I want someone who is an expert in one area who can come in and be the best at solving my problem. So I’m going to look more for consistency and not a stellar résumé.”

“At an executive level, I better see a stellar résumé. You’ve had twenty to thirty years in order to reach that level of competency, so it had better be stellar. But I’m going to look for it to be consistently stellar and incredible results, and a more narrow set of areas and competencies in order for me to gauge are you the expert I’m looking for.”

Matt also shared some insight on how Cerius helps management consultants:

“Our team [at Cerius] has a way of being able to tone it down some so that the client is comfortable with the fact that we are bringing in this level of expertise. That this is really what they need to turn their business around, or to solve the problem.”

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