Interim Executive Confidential: Mantras of an Interim Executive

Interim Executive

On this episode of the Interim Executive Confidential, we are talking with Donald Noble, an Interim CFO about his experiences in the interim executive world.

Don shared a mantra he uses when goes into a troubled situation:

“There are some several mantras that I live by but I would probably say the one I use most often is ‘hope for the best and plan for the worst’. The reason I say that and the reason I use that is when you go into any situation, whether it be a company or a life challenge or any situation, it’s OK to hope for the best outcome possible. However, a good CFO, a good COO, a good management consultant should always be planning for all the scenarios that might or could happen. And I try to do that when I go in.”

Another piece of advice Don lives by is:

“Something I heard from a CEO that I respect probably way more than he knows is a simple statement that says, ‘fast, cheap or good, choose any two.’ The purpose of that is you can either have it fast or good, but don’t expect it cheap. You can either have it cheap and good, but don’t expect it fast. There is very rarely a situation where you can have fast, good and cheap and I live by that because that’s true. There are many times that you have to pay more for something that you want fast, and you want extremely high quality, and there are times where when you come in and try to give the lowest bid whatsoever and have it done yesterday, you’re not going to get the quality. So it’s a good maxim to live by.”

When asked about full-time offers, Don told us:

“Of course I get approached by companies that want full-time work, long-term employment. I have also been approached by some of the interim companies I’ve worked for and been asked if can continue on as a full-term role. I am not sure I explicitly choose not to pursue those, but I do love the challenge that interim work brings to me. I am a puzzle solver.”

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