Interim Executive Confidential: Marketing Yourself

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On this episode of the Interim Executive Confidential, we are talking with Donald Noble, an Interim CFO about his experiences in the interim executive world.

We ask Donald, how does an interim executive in today’s day and age market themselves. His response is:

“Interims do tend to get put into situations where they have to work very hard, and they have to get a lot of things accomplished in a very short amount of time. So you don’t have time to be searching while you’re doing this work for this company. So what I tend to do is, I tend to do two different things. Obviously, I have an extensive network of companies I’ve helped, and I get referrals. But the other thing of course I do is I partnered with Cerius Executives and worked with them because they are one of the few firms to take the extra time to match the right executive or management consultant with the company that can benefit the most from our expertise. There are a lot of companies out there doing it, but it seems like Cerius has the best model for accomplishing both goals which are utilizing the expertise and helping the company.”

Donald also tells us what type of leaders, companies or industries he enjoys to work with most as an interim executive:

“I prefer the challenge of really high growth companies. Where you walk in the door, and they are doing a 100, 200, 300 percent a year; those are very exciting and challenging for me, and I love them. I love being in the door and I’m already hit with 5000 questions. Those are amazing. When you expand that to the industry, one of the things I love most is technology companies and today that’s a very broad term. A technology company could be software, it could be medical devices, it could be professional services.”

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