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This episode discusses how executives market themselves using online tools, especially LinkedIn. We ask questions like how does an executive get themselves to stand out in the digital marketplace? Are LinkedIn endorsements as important as LinkedIn makes it seem? Are LinkedIn recommendations as important as LinkedIn makes it seem? Do these factors have any true value for it, especially on the executive level?

We are joined by Kristen McAlister, President/COO, and Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer, at Cerius Executives, both of whom gave us some excellent advice.

A few excerpts from Matt’s recommendations include:

“I think LinkedIn’s a great source to find people, but I’m not sure it’s a great source to tell what they’re really good at. However, there are people out there are who write article; who post on LinkedIn that they’ve written an article about a certain subject. And if you click on that article, you learn more about their area of expertise. There are executives who have gone and made presentations to different groups, and that you can usually find a copy of the presentation they made. So if you’re looking to see how are they relevant, one of the things is it’s not necessarily the recommendations that you see on LinkedIn but it’s the links to articles or blogs or presentations that they’ve made which you can go on and you can take a look at. And as you can see, they really are relevant.”

Kristen shared some great advice on her perspective on LinkedIn for executives:

“Of the recommendation and the skill confirmation that you get on LinkedIn, one of the biggest drawbacks that I see that is the inconsistency of it. I’ll see an executive saying here are the areas I’m great in, and what you should hire me for. But then, none of that is mentioned in the recommendation or correlating to it in any way. And then the skill set that that individual has endorsed you for are from the ones you listed in the bottom 25% of people that have endorsed you for. Now I’m seeing a bunch of inconsistency, and we just like to see consistency.”

“Setting yourself apart from everyone else isn’t just popping a bunch of information and content out there. It’s what you do with that content and the interaction that that content can bring you or you’re commenting and your interaction with other individual comments, content. Especially within your realm about leadership.”



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