How a Statement of Work Keeps Executives Focused and On Track

statement of work

This episode discusses how executives use a statement of work to focus on their particular expertise without letting clients pull them into other matters they were not originally brought in to address, wasting time and resources. Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer at Cerius Executives, joins us and gives us some excellent advice.

Matt stresses the importance of focusing on a statement of work in the following excerpts from this week’s podcast:

“One of the first things that our team does is work with both the client and the executive in creating a statement of work. In that statement of work, we make sure it includes the beginning date and an end date, and all of the details in between. The reason for a statement of work is that it’s for both sides: the client, as well as, the interim so that no one gets off track.”

“When clients get a really seasoned C-level executive with lots of experience they have a tendency to want them to start doing a lot more than what they were originally engaged to do. And because the executives can do more, they have a tendency to veer off track and start doing more. So the purpose of the statement of work is just to make sure that both sides stay focused.”

“Executives are brought in to get something completed within a certain period of time. And if they, or the client, starts to veer off then the time starts to expand. That means it costs the client more money which is not a satisfying solution to why they brought us in. So we’re very focused on making sure that that statement of work is doing a thing or two which helps most sides stay focused on exactly what they were brought in to do. And it also helps the interim stay focused on what their background is. Whether it be marketing or whether it be sales or finance. Whatever the case may be, it helps them stay focused.”

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