Work Style Changes of an Interim Executive

Work style of a Consultant interim executive

This episode discusses how interim executives change their work style when switching from a permanent position. We are joined by Kristen McAlister, President/COO, and Matthew Sauer, Chief People Officer, at Cerius Executives, both of whom gave us some excellent advice on how a former CEO, now an interim executive, can manage client expectations.

Kristen shares some great advice:

“Cerius is more of a driver in what is seen as a temporary situation than what they were in a more permanent situation, where there’s probably more consistency. In these situations, there’s a lot of inconsistency and the executive is there to bring consistency to the situation, in whatever manner it takes. Sometimes it probably feels like Jekyll and Hyde, and you’ve got multiple personalities on a given day depending on what situation you’re in, which company you’re in, what that culture is, and who you’re working with throughout the organization.”

“A great assessment tool helps. One that doesn’t necessarily look at the culture and the personality of an individual but the work style. We can easily change and alter and adjust our personalities. But our work styles are a little more consistent in what we are most comfortable with. So looking at that you go through an assessment of what work style works best for this company and the world that they’re looking to fill their needs, and what’s the work style of the executives that we work with.”

Matt also has some great insights to share:

“When you start talking about what an interim assignment is and the company that they’re going to be going into and who they’re going to be working for – whether it be a board or a CEO or the owner of the company and what their role is going to be – I think that they realize that they, hate to say it this way, but they have to be in charge, and they realize that they can’t be in charge. That they realize that, I think I need to go look and do something else. I need to back into Corporate America, I need to be on a board, I need to do something different because I want people to listen when I have something to say, and I want them to act on it. As opposed to: I just want them to hear what I have to say, and I need to try to persuade them to follow my lead. And I think that’s a big change.”

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