What Kind of A Procrastinator Are You?

Everybody procrastinates. But that doesn’t make it alright to waste a few hours every day on something you’ll only regret later. Stop being a procrastinator by figuring out why you do it.

The best way to stop procrastinating is to start by identifying the reasons that push you. Find out what kind of a procrastinator are you and take back time to finish items on your list of things to do.

The procrastinator who thinks they have a lot of time

If you’re somebody who feels like they have a lot of time, and then suddenly find themselves rushing an hour before the deadline to deliver, you have a problem. Your problem is that you overestimate time. According to research by Jeff Conte, a psychologist at San Diego State University, some people perceive time moving slower than others which may cause them to think they have more time than they actually do to get work done.

The procrastinator who avoids bad emotions

Some people avoid doing things that make them feel bad. Maybe because it’s stressful, tiring, tedious or because it brings up some other negative emotion. So rather than facing them head on, they delay them until they have no other choice to or it’s too late. Freudian’s pleasure principle reasons that people instinctually seek pleasure and avoid all that which causes pain.

The procrastinator who works only when they feel like it

Usually referred to as the “slacker” in the officer, they are procrastinators who have little to no motivation to work. They don’t work not because they find it difficult or painful, but because they choose to do so only when they’re in the mood to. Companies often find them to be bottlenecks of progress as they slow down the pace of work done in the office, and are a constant source of frustration among colleagues.

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