Project To Perm Executive Hiring

Project to Perm Hiring allows you to try the person out on a project before you actually hire them. Remove uncertainty from the executive hiring process.

Kristen McAlister: “Hiring is often a ‘hindsight is 20/20‘ situation. But what if you got the work with the person before making the job offer? We’ll discuss how you can know exactly who you’re hiring prior to that job offer. Stay tuned.”
Pam Wasley: “So Kristen, what is the most frustrating part of hiring?”
Kristen McAlister: “Other than the wasted time and money, the list is countless. But I don’t have a crystal ball, so no matter how much due diligence I do, it’s not the same thing as actually working side-by-side with the person.”
Pam Wasley: “Yeah, I remember many companies telling me after they hired somebody, ‘the person I actually ended up with was not the person I hired.’ How many times have we run into that? Lots, lots. Lot of companies are now doing project to perm. And project to perm is really cool because you get to try the person out on a project before you actually hire them. the beauty of that is they have goals, they have things they need to accomplish, you can see how they work out with your team, with your executive team, your staff, how they fit the culture, if they’re a good leader. You can find out all these things prior to making them a full-time employee. So that’s the beauty of project to perm.”
Kristen McAlister: “Thank you. Pick your next executive hire with a crystal ball with a project to perm basis first. To get our free book, 101 Ways to Leverage an Interim Executive click the link on your screen, and I’ll see you in the next video.”

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