Cerius Referral Program

Referrals are the heartbeat of our business. When an executive places their trust in Cerius by referring a client, it speaks volumes about our shared commitment to business growth and relationship building.

If you encounter an opportunity that isn’t aligned with your expertise, consider directing it our way. Not only will this reinforce your position as a strategic problem-solver with the client, but you’ll also benefit from a generous 30% commission through our referral program.

Our focus extends beyond mere transactions. We prioritize the relationship with both you and the client. Regardless of the nature of the opportunity, we believe in ensuring you’re rewarded and the client receives the leadership solution they seek.

To make a referral, please email [email protected] or submit the contact form below.

** We also offer a Charitable Giving Option. Those who choose this option can have their referral fee donated to the charity of their choosing in their name by Cerius.

Got a Referral?