Cerius Referral Program

We are honored to work with talented executives such as yourself. We vet our independent executives carefully and invest greatly to ensure we work with only the best. Once assigned, our support activities continue with ongoing communication to ensure the executive and the client are happy and productive. It is our goal to continue to make being an Independent Executive a career for those who choose it.

Because both client & independent executive referrals are an integral part of our business, we greatly appreciate when an executive trusts Cerius and refers a client or an independent executive to us. We know you invest in business development and relationships as much as we do and we want to recognize those efforts with a referral fee when appropriate.

Client Referral

Referral Fee

  • The referral fee is 5% of Cerius’ Total Bill to the Client.

  • The fee is for the first 12 months of the initial statement of work, or until the assignment ends, whichever occurs first between the referred company and Cerius.

  • Payment of the referral fee will be made monthly

Referral Qualification

  • The assignment must be with a new client who we are not actively pursuing or a role or position we are unaware of with an existing Cerius Client.

  • The lead must result in a closed statement of work for that position within twelve months of the introduction.

Independent Executive Referral

Referral Fee

  • $500 Giftcard

Referral Qualification

  • Must be a referral of a candidate for an independent role or project Cerius is currently engaged in pursuing or one that we have posted on our Opportunities site and your referred candidate is selected for that specific Cerius Assignment.

** We also offer a Charitable Giving Option. Those who choose this option can have their referral fee donated to the charity of their choosing in their name by Cerius.

Got a Referral?