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Automotive, Manufacturing
Automotive – Marketing

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $20+ million in revenues
  • 2 months
  • Results

    • Improved website design that will generate 7% of revenue increase
    • Product sales directly attributed to individual ads in pilot project
    • Mathematical model to measure marketing program returns
    • Techniques and results that can be repeated internally
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Privately owned
    • Marketing Project
  • Situation

    • Online marketing was under-performing
    • Needed a stronger marketing engine to drive more revenue from fewer products
    • Inconsistent marketing programs from year to year
    • High dependency on low-cost guerilla marketing tactics
    • Shortage of company resources to manage marketing programs
  • Implementation

    • Developed a measurable online marketing program the company owners could respect and trust
    • Built a scalable, tightly controlled marketing program that directly drives revenue
    • Managed a short-term pilot project to optimize performance and measure results
    • Documented the best practices so the marketing department could generate improved results for subsequent campaigns

Cerius Insights

The assignment was certainly considered a success. We closed one major order and moved several others well along. Now we will try to continue the momentum he built up!”

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