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Automotive Aftermarket – Interim GM

Company Size & Timeframe

  • $100+ million
  • Results

    • 25% increase in capacity
    • 49% decrease in backlog
    • Developed functional working relationships between manufacturing facilities
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Interim General Manager
  • Situation

    • Backlog accelerating faster than manufacturing capacity
    • Decreased customer fill rate
    • Excessive overtime and talent burnout
    • Manufacturing facilities not cooperating and executing together
  • Implementation

    • Week 1 – Completed situational analysis
    • Week 2 – Refined initiatives with executive management
    • Week 3 – Began mitigating manufacturing bottlenecks and executing plans
    • Developed project plans and reporting dashboards with KPIs for all initiatives

Cerius Insights

The Interim Executive completed several initiatives and made significant progress on the remaining initiatives. His involvement and leadership of these initiatives over sixteen weeks was integral to getting them completed.”

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