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eCommerce – Strategic Advisor

Company Size & Timeframe

  • 17-20 Employees
  • Once per week; then monthly meetings.
  • Results

    • Created a better way to look at profitability and product development processes
    • Freed up owners to focus on the numbers, the financial reporting, and budgeting
    • Regular planning meetings
    • Organization and delegating properly
    • Inventory Liquidation
  • Company Profile & Position

    • Family-owned
    • Strategic Advisor
  • Situation

    • “Too Many Hats” syndrome
    • Hit $20 million mark and needed coaching on how to build a team, manage, delegate, and focus on key aspects of the business
    • Owners pulled into too many directions and not able to focus on what needed attention
  • Implementation

    • Strategic planning and execution
    • Re-focused ownership on profitability
    • Regular financial review and planning meetings
    • Project management
    • Helped liquidate non-turning inventory (sooner than later)
    • Increased accountability

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Cerius Insights - Customer Quote

When we looked at trends in sales, inventory, and how we allocate the inventory, the IE brought in some very obvious things that we were too busy to see, because we were just trying to run the business.

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